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Measuring for a garterWhen Size Does Matter

We’ve all seen the garters in stores with a ‘one size fits all’ label. Well I know that that can’t be true. Size matters when:
you want your garter to sit at a specific place along your thigh (this could be because of the shape of your dress etc.) ;
• your thigh measurements are outside the tiny range these ‘one size’ store bought garters cater for
• you want to be sure that your garter will remain on your leg, and not slip down as you walk up the aisle!

A perfectly fitting garter will not irritate your skin or hurt your leg by digging into your thigh. A garter that is too small on your leg can feel as uncomfortable as an ill fitting shoe and it will be SO noticeable under your gown.
A Síoda Garter is unique in that we provide garters in a wide range of sizes for every beautiful bride and offer a bespoke service to have your garter made to a specific measurement.

Where is a garter worn and where do you measure?

Garters are normally worn about 3 to 6” (75 – 150mm) above the knee or just about your mid thigh. It’s totally up to you where on your thigh you want to wear one.

*TIP* The best way to work out where you would like to wear one is think of these scenarios – You might wish to have it close to the knee so you can get a cute little garter shot or so it’s easier to access if you’re adventurous and want to do a garter toss, or you just want to wear it tucked up nice and high for only the eyes of your beloved.
So you know WHERE you want your garter to be, now how to take a measurement….

How to measure for your garter?

Take a measuring tape like one shown and wrap it around your thigh, right at the spot where you want the garter to be.For all you non – sewers out there, if you don’t have one of these tapes, get a piece of string, a shoe lace or even a skinny belt (!) and cut (or hold) the place where the ends ‘gently’ meet and then hold this up to a ruler or metal tape and note the measurement in centimeters or inches.

measuring for a bridal garter


*VERY IMPORTANT* Do NOT add or remove any centimeters or inches to the measurement thinking you want a snug fit. We use a little formula that takes into account all the different types of elastic used in each of our garters and NEED to start from your actual thigh measurement.
And as my Mam always says, ‘Measure twice and cut once!” so double check…

Ordering your perfect Heirloom Bridal Garter

Thigh measurement at hand, you have options.

Firstly, check out our Bridal Garter Size Chart and see which size you fall under then go directly to your desired garter page and order the size your measurement falls just below.  You can choose the custom size option and enter your size in the comments box for a PERFECT FIT or go straight to the ‘Bespoke Garter’ product page (here) for more information about how you can order something extra special and sentimental.
So that’s it, on you go now and order with confidence!
If you have any questions, feel free to contact me on and I’ll look after you!
Mary x

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