All you need to know about a bespoke piece of underwear...


Frequently Asked Questions
How long does it take to make?

On average, a bespoke piece takes 10 working days to create after your fitting is completed.
When should I have it made?
The optimal time to have a bespoke piece made is 10 to 12 weeks before your wedding day.

How do I use the bathroom?

There is small modesty slit between the legs of your piece that allows you to use the bathroom.

Is this flexible to be worn for other dresses?

Absolutely! Each piece will come with a set of clear and nude straps that allow you to have real choice for beautiful dresses and the legs of the piece can also be folded up inside themselves to give you the flexibility to wear shorter styles too.

How do I care for my bespoke lingerie?

It is advised that each piece be hand washed using a mild non biological detergent.

I don’t live in Ireland do I have to go to your studio to be able to have a bespoke piece made for me?

Not necessarily! I will be able to advise you during your free introductory consultation about whether it is necessary for you to have your fitting virtually or in the studio with me.

What do you pay for in a bespoke Síoda Lingerie piece?



How much does a piece cost?

In general, for 2018 bookings, each piece costs as follows:

All In One Backless – £750
All In One Standard – £495
Backless Underbust Shapewear – £350

Plus postage and packaging if this is involved.

How soon should I book into your diary?

The best possible time to book into my diary is right at the time you order your dress. My order book is filled months in advance because of this BUT there is a waiting list and as brides approach their wedding date, having a bespoke piece becomes less necessary and spaces do potentially appear, though not guaranteed.

What do I need for my fitting (virtual/studio)?

If you have ordered your dress from a boutique, all you need is you and your dress and if you’re having a dress made for you, all that is needed is yourself and images of the style components of your dress. All else I will provide.

What makes a bespoke All In One piece so unique?

An All In One Piece is a tailored garment that is sized to incorporate your body size and your dresses needs. It smooths the body from bust to thigh, supporting and lifting the bust in a backless (or otherwise gown) invisibly without the bulk of normal shapewear and problems wearing multiple pieces creates such as visible lines, bulges etc.

What payment options do you offer for a bespoke piece of underwear?

Credit Card
Debit Card
Bank Transfer

Can I pay in instalments?

By default, the payment process is made in instalments.

Booking Deposit
Fitting Instalment

Can you make an All In One piece that isn’t backless but unique to my body?


What is the process from introductory consultation to completion?

1. If you have decided that you want to hold a position in my diary, follow this link to add your name directly in there. You will be directed to pay via PayPal or you have the option to use a debit/credit card without a PayPal account there too.

2. When your dress has arrived into the boutique, or 3 months before your wedding date if you are having your gown made or have you dress in advance of the 3 month mark; send me an email. I create your piece in the window JUST prior to your dress fittings. I will at this point, direct you to make a fitting appointment (physical or virtual).

3. Fitting –Virtual or in the studio

4. To confirm the design and making of your piece, you will be directed to schedule a completion appointment. The fitting instalment is due on receipt of your request to confirm your order. This is very important so that I can create your piece in the timeframe.

5. COMPLETION! You will be sent an invoice for the final instalment JUST prior to pick up or delivery.


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Each bespoke piece is designed and handmade individually in Belfast, Northern Ireland.

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